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2021 Ozark Mountain Prayer Breakfast

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The 20th Annual Ozark Mountain Prayer Breakfast in Branson Missouri.

Keynote Speaker: Tass Saada

Tass Saada is a former Muslim and the founder of Hope for Ishmael (HFI), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reconcile Muslims to the Father and then to all the world. Born in 1951 in the GazaStrip, Saada grew up in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. He worked under Yasser Arafat as a Fatah fighter and sniper. Years after immigrating to the United States, he became a Christian. He and his wife, Karen, spent 10 years in the Middle East establishing schools and leading other Muslims to Jesus. He has written two books, Once an Arafat Man, his story, and The Mind of a Terror, a look inside the reason for terrorism and a possible solution.

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